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Dr. lisette aranguren

Lecturer in bioenergetics, translational medicine research group (tmrg), aston research centre for health in ageing


Dr Lissette joined Aston Medical School in 2020 as Lecturer in Bioenergetics, following a productive Research Fellowship position awarded the 50th Anniversary Aston Prize Fellowship in 2018 at Aston Medical School.

Her research focuses on understanding the role of mitochondria in the generation of energy in physiological and pathological conditions while elucidating mitochondrial molecular pathways and identifying targets for drug intervention in diverse areas of human disease. Her passion for understanding metabolic routes linking mitochondrial bioenergetics and oxidative stress began during her PhD studies where she explored these complex concepts in models resembling cardiovascular complications of pregnancy, such as preeclampsia.


Today, these interests have expanded to tackle other critical human disorders while understanding the importance of these signaling processes in health.


Having experience in profiling the mitochondrial fingerprint in broad scenarios of cardiovascular and neuronal distress, she is currently exploring the development of formulations targeting intracellular compartments such as the mitochondria and exploring their potential to deliver cargo (drugs/inhibitors) to the mitochondria.

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